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Classical English style by Clive Christian
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Design by Clive Christian
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Exclusive interior style with Bigelli marble

Quality parquet from Italian masters

The design of the house by Clive Christian

We provide an opportunity today to transform your hearthstone into a real aristocratic palace with the help of a finished house project from the architect and designer Clive Christian. For over 30 years, Clive Christian has specialized in creating a unique interior design for luxury residences around the world. Our project reflects the true philosophy of the English imperial courts combined with the breath of modernity.

The project includes:

  • Handwork of interior elements
  • Individual approach to each room area
  • The atmosphere of exclusive mystery and intrigue, thought out to the smallest detail

Bring in your life a true reflection of the quality and style of the glamorous bygone era performed by the methods of extraordinary British craftsmanship!

Clive Christian

Clive Christian is a revival of the Victorian era and royal England of the times of Charles Dickens.

A feature of the interior from Clive Christian is a personalistic approach to any details of your home. A custom-made hand-built furniture with its extravagant style and proportions will only emphasize the flawless taste and style of the owner.

Uncompromising quality of Bigelli marble

Bigelli is not only marble, it is an age-old family tradition of quality and reliability, combining the latest technology and craftsmanship with a view to achieving true perfection.

Only in your hands to transform the hearthstone to a work of art with a genuine style of «Made in Italy». Learn more about our offer!

Italian parquet Berti

A clean and classic tree for the floor, that’s what give prestige and elegance to your home. A vibrant, bright, warm Berti parquet creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, and the hands of skilled craftsmen who have absorbed a century of experience with wood add a sparkle of elegance. The collection of heritage and authentic art of the Berti family, combined with age-old technologies and innovations, will bring a touch of the spirit of Italy, recognized throughout the world. Read more in our material!

Profitable proposition

We offer you a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of prosperity and elegance TODAY! We specially oriented our price policy so cheaper does not happen and moreover, we give to it an additional discount!

More details about the unique offer on the market from Clive Christian is presented on THIS PAGE.

Special offer for marble is presented in OUR MATERIAL.

Unique prices for the Italian floor from world manufacturers are shown in OUR ARTICLE.

Imagine your life today!

Individual layout

To simplify the task and speed up the repair work, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the existing layout of the house. You will receive a detailed description of the placement of furniture, lighting and other auxiliary elements of the interior. Already tomorrow you will have a project on your hands with which you can start repairs.

Read more in our material.


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