Love for marble has always accompanied human history. The Roman Empire, Greece, Byzantium — these states have provided us with masterpieces of architectural craftsmanship, which the world admires to this day. After all, marble is one of the few stones that can convey that brilliance and deep peace. Durability, elegance and brilliance in the sun are things that make marble an indispensable material in the construction of luxurious and lush estates.

The Italian firm Bigelli marmi fully supports and follows the traditions of quality and craftsmanship acquired over more than 50 years of improvement. A rich palette of colors enables Italian masters to embody the most diverse and grandiose ideas.

We offer you the opportunity to feel the spirit of Italian professionalism in your home. A variety of colors will create in your room a unique interior and provide an element of wealth.

«Those who choose marble express themselves in their living space: their status, their style, thus denoting the ability to live in luxury.» — Dino Bigelli

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