Each of us wants to bring refinement and exclusivity to our hearthstone. Ever since ancient times, emperors and kings have invited famous architects and designers to their domain so that they could transform their palace with a fantasy into a true work of art, observing the canons of the era of that time.

The speed of the modern world is much different from the Renaissance and Baroque, and many of us stopped thinking about settling down our house. Only a few understand the true meaning of the classic interior style and resort to the help of famous and recognized modern designers. One of the few is the master Clive Christian. His team offers elite furniture, as well as a full range of necessary details to create a unique atmosphere of Victorian luxury: doors, panels, chandeliers and accessories.

Our team invites you to plunge into this world with a ready-made interior solution from Clive Christian for every room in your house. Each room will be equipped with only natural materials using modern technologies.

In the finished project:

  • Furniture made from natural hand-made materials
  • High-quality kitchen in a classic style
  • The unsurpassed interior of the bedroom
  • Bathroom, rustling with elegance

Our design will provide you with unique solutions for living rooms, dining rooms and cloakrooms that they can shine with luxury and grace. Not only the living rooms and the dining rooms, but the bathrooms and the dressing rooms will sparkle with a skilful decor.

The price of the finished project: $ 800,000

For more information on the configuration of the project from Clive Christian, please call:

+38 (067) 161 10 24 — Vladimir

Also, we offer an addition to the project in the form of marble and parquet from the Italian masters. More details can be found in the article about marble and parquet.

The best style for the classics.

Finished project